Create your own deterministic art painting Ethereum blocks, mint NFTs.

Blockchain art you create, deterministically generated from the Ethereum blockchain and your inputs.

A web3 platform and circular economy where digital artists inspire creators and creators express their style as tangible art pieces.

New crypto native NFT primitives for the crypto art world.

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Fractional space
By Darien
Explore kelidoscopic patterns generated from fractional numbers. Block data determines the detail of the fractions and used geometry, the rest is up for discovery.
Lydian Plucks
By Nèr Arfer
Observe and listen to these primitive crypto-life forms bouncing inside Ethereum blocks. As the chain is evolving, they compose rhythms and melodies from another space.
Ether Palace
By pachunka
An Ether Palace is an Ethereum block crystalized - smart contracts apppear as pyramids, while regular transactions use their gas to fly high in the sky. Token-related transactions appear a little differently, and some NFT transactions especially so. Blocks come in many shapes; some claim to have seen round blocks, but it's just a rumour…
CryptoAliens: Genesis
By greweb
CryptoAliens: Genesis establishes the first embryonic species. Which CryptoAliens are you going to choose? Each creature gets born on an Ethereum block that nourishes its shape: transactions, ETH value transferred, gas,... their unique skin comes from Mandelglitch's BlockStyle with the same rarity scheme. See

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