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Space Flora
By zuppaman
Take a walk on Planet ETH. Starting in the desert lands created around 2015. Some say the desert contains the rarest plants .... Or go to early 2018 where you can see lush plants fueld by large eth transactions. Each transaction is a seed that starts to grow from 1ETH. The transaction hash is the blueprint for the shape and distribution of the plant's properties. The latter is determined by the plant's DNA that is generated from the block number and timestamp (this will be included as trait). Land & sky are created on the curves of the block hash. Have fun and go explore!
Parabolic Curves
By ruben
Ethereum block-based parabolic curves frames with a surprise hidden at certain blocks.
By polyclick
Visual representation of a blockchain's continuum. A block's unique hash is fed into two simplex noise fields, generating mesmerising patterns of gradient lines that seem to flow continuously. An extra color palette is added on blocks with special number sequences. Can you find it?
Ode to Neo-Plasticism
By Izzy
Piet Mondrian's famous works are evoked through code and block data, generating pieces that adhere to the neo-plastic principles of purified and abstract form. Block number, transactions, and gas influence rectangle composition and density, while Creators can manipulate the color density and the border / frame. Hidden within, adventuring Creators may encounter an inverted color scheme and/or rare blocks that have surrendered their color to the encroaching border.
By pxlq
Decoded visual representations of ethereum blocks.
Gradient Stripes
By artplusbrad
Minimalist three-color gradient stripes snake back and forth across the canvas. Block data controls the angle and size of the stripes. Creators control the color and opacity. Special blocks contain rare features - look out for splice, chunk, shadow, and two-stripe blocks. Even more rare are the single-stripe.
Super Strings
By Beervangeer
Super Strings is a study in Chaos, Order & Harmony. The simple algorithm behind this work presents the beauty of randomly ordered blockdata and the harmonic relations that exist between these data points.
Under Pressure
By zuppaman
Visualising the pressure caused by the transactions on the Ethereum network. Includes transaction data with gas price & limit, blocknr, nr of transactions. Has some hidden features related to the amount of gas used in combination with the transactions.
By AustinGriffith
Blockchain art in the Age of Sail! Fish represent gas usage, ships represent transactions, the island is procedurally generated from the block hash and produces a deterministic inventory of NFT attributes.
Maurer Rose
By artplusbrad
A mathematical rose curve, controlled by 2 variables, set by data from the block. Creators control the size and thickness of each rose, along with border thickness and opacity. Change the color of the rose or border, and determine the look of buds and blooms. Oh yeah, watch out for roses that bud, and even more rare, roses that have bloomed. Search for integer roses and the illusive upside down roses. The Maurer rose geometric logic was created by Peter M. Maurer in 1987.
By adrianleb
Block transactions representing space, size and coordinates based on transaction hash, colors determined by a shuffle bag seeded from the block hash. Every 1,000,000 blocks, a surprise.
By adrianleb
Block hash, nonce, gas limit and gas used to create a caligraphic meshline. Style fees collected will be used to fund Ethereum and open-source initiatives.

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