Create your own deterministic art painting Ethereum blocks, mint NFTs.

Blockchain art you create, deterministically generated from the Ethereum blockchain and your inputs.

A web3 platform and circular economy where digital artists inspire creators and creators express their style as tangible art pieces.

New crypto native NFT primitives for the crypto art world.

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Molten Core
By Devin Abbott
A ball of molten metal, liquefied under extreme heat and pressure. If you have an OpenPalette in your wallet, you'll have the option to visualize the Molten Core in color. Without an OpenPalette, it will be in grayscale.
By Nadieh Bremer
Visualizing the transactions from each block as shapes (seemingly) moving endlessly through their own block space. Squares represent tx where ETH was transferred, sized according to the amount. Circles are ERC-20 tx (a pulse is an NFT), diamonds are all else. The approximate transaction fee (the gas) is plotted on top of each tx, some barely visible, some forming shapes larger than the tx itself. Everything is scaled to the largest ETH tx of the block. mod1 | Grid's resolution mod2 | Subtle motion | < 0.0001 = static mod3 | Shuffle positions mod4 | Shuffle colors Read more about this Style on
By genekogan
๐Ÿ’ƒ Turntables for Zoomers ๐Ÿ•บ mod1 - turn up the funk. mod2 - make it groove.
By eloop
A thousand brushes, four tins of paint, infinite possibilities. Mod1 - adjust the number of brush strokes Mod2 - adjust the length of brush strokes Mod3 - adjust the fade on brush strokes Mod4 - zoom in/out Mod5 - pan left/right Mod6 - pan up/down You can also override the colors generated from the block data. There are multiple uncommon and rare traits to discover.

A new way to express your artistic side and earn from your creations.

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