Create your own deterministic art painting Ethereum blocks, mint NFTs.

Blockchain art you create, deterministically generated from the Ethereum blockchain and your inputs.

A web3 platform and circular economy where digital artists inspire creators and creators express their style as tangible art pieces.

New crypto native NFT primitives for the crypto art world.

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By eloop
A thousand brushes, four tins of paint, infinite possibilities. Mod1 - adjust the number of brush strokes Mod2 - adjust the length of brush strokes Mod3 - adjust the fade on brush strokes Mod4 - zoom in/out Mod5 - pan left/right Mod6 - pan up/down You can also override the colors generated from the block data. There are multiple uncommon and rare traits to discover.
0x Ships
By pxlq
pew pew
By emilyxxie
Equations & geometries collectively give rise to various forms that waver between abstract & representational. The blockchain hash determines the shape. Hit the squirrel button to cycle through until you find one that you like. Mod1: Controls the color palette. There's 4 palettes at every interval (0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1). This may take a little bit of time to load. Mod2: Controls the background color within the palette. This changes between palettes. Mod3: Controls the opacity of the background. Mod4: Controls whether you see the background texture or not. At > 0.5, the texture turns off.
Pattern 03
By greweb
Pattern 03 is a tribute to fountain pen plotting, generating strokes lines to yield unique patterns. It recreates the condition of ink on paper in a digital art form. The second market will be exciting as these are also physically plottable. A SVG file can be downloaded from each NFT that is the recipe for a physical artist to perform the art physically, with their own tools. ||| This script visualizes Ethereum's blocks like a regular BlockStyle. There are many rare features to discover and not all are documented: but ultimately, don't hunt for the rarity that is "designed by the author", search for the organic rarity & enjoy patterns and unexpected shapes. ||| Please also check the artistic process behind this style:

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