Create your own deterministic art painting Ethereum blocks, mint NFTs.

Blockchain art you create, deterministically generated from the Ethereum blockchain and your inputs.

A web3 platform and circular economy where digital artists inspire creators and creators express their style as tangible art pieces.

New crypto native NFT primitives for the crypto art world.

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Infinite Beauty
By Rein
Infinite Beauty wants to reflect the infinite possibilities of generative art based on blockdata. The first day of the month will always show the unique, ether-quality-like entities that are formed for an individual block. The second day onward will show increasing radial symmetry with a maximum of 101 on months with 31 days. Find those days/symmetries you like the most!
By gcrll
Harmonic variations of hexagonal grids, determined by the block number and its transactions.
By artplusbrad
Wave Pool creates a repetition of sine waves, rotated around a central point. The number of waves, separation between waves, amplitude, and frequency are all determined from the block hash. Creators control the size of the overall wave (zoom - mod1), rotation (2), thickness (3), opacity (4), border/pinstripe opacity (5), and background opacity (6). Color controls adjust the three colors of the wave (1-3), the border/pinstripe color (4), gradient color (5), and background. 9 easter eggs enhance the presentation of waves, with a staggering number of combinations, and seemingly endless list of odds.
Space Flora
By zuppaman
Take a walk on Planet ETH. Starting in the desert lands created around 2015. Some say the desert contains the rarest plants .... Or go to early 2018 where you can see lush plants fueld by large eth transactions. Each transaction is a seed that starts to grow from 1ETH. The transaction hash is the blueprint for the shape and distribution of the plant's properties. The latter is determined by the plant's DNA that is generated from the block number and timestamp (this will be included as trait). Land & sky are created on the curves of the block hash. Have fun and go explore!

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