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Everything will be OK - Kyal Sin (Angel)

Block contains transaction, from oneself to oneself by an unknown person, with "Input Data" containing full text of BBC's post on the mourning of Myanmar coup protester Kyal Sin: Transaction-id: 0xb543581082c143f8d91dd1cf56a592ef35915d5e66ed4b2b15f7e966c515d4d7 Minted on Pi Day 2021 Foreground: Green Background(RGB): 31 4 159 Partial text in "Input Data" field below: Kyal Sin (Angel), Everything will be OK. Myanmar coup: 'Everything will be OK' teenage protester mourned Crowds gathered in Mandalay on Thursday for the funeral of a 19-year-old woman who was shot dead during Myanmar's anti-coup protests a day earlier. Kyal Sin, known as Angel, was wearing a T-shirt with the phrase "Everything will be OK" when she died. Tributes have flooded in on social media, with many calling her a hero...
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